[309. Buddhasaññaka1]

In a dream I saw [the Buddha],
the World’s Leader, Siddhattha,
like the rising hundred-rayed [sun],
[bright but cool] like a rayless sun,
the World’s Best, the Bull among Men,
who’d gone into the forest [then].
Bringing pleasure to my heart there,
I approached the Well-Gone [Buddha]. (1-2) [2759-2760]

In the ninety-four aeons since
I obtained that perception then,
I’ve come to know no bad rebirth:
the fruit of perceiving Buddhas. (3) [2761]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (4) [2762]

Thus indeed Venerable Buddhasaññaka Thera spoke these verses.

The legend of Buddhasaññaka Thera is finished.

  1. “Buddha-Perceiver”