Sakacchittaniya Chapter, the Seventh

[61. Sakacchittaniya1]

Seeing a grove in the forest,
very quiet [and] undisturbed,
[a place for] sages’ practices
and receipt of sacrifices, (1) [1349]

making a stupa of bamboo2
which was strewn with varied flowers,
I [then] worshipped [my] creation
as though facing the Sambuddha. (2) [1350]

I was king, lord of a country,
possessor of the seven gems.
I delighted in my karma:
that’s the fruit of stupa-pūjā. (3) [1351]

In the ninety-one aeons since
I honored [him with] flowers [then],
I’ve come to know no bad rebirth:
that’s the fruit of stupa-pūjā. (4) [1352]

Eighty aeons ago I was
possessor of the seven gems,
wheel-turner Anantayasa,3
the lord of the four continents. (5) [1353]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (6) [1354]

Thus indeed Venerable Sakacchittaniya Thera spoke these verses.

The legend of Sakacchittaniya Thera is finished.

  1. “Thinking for Himself”

  2. some PTS alternatives and BJTS read pūlinaṃ, “sand,” but PTS agrees with the cty in reading veḷunaṃ, “bamboo.” so I translate accordingly.

  3. “Boundless Fame”