[43. Bhaddiya-Kaḷigodhāya-Putta]

Sambuddha Padumuttara
the Loving-Hearted One, Great Sage,
the Chief Leader of Every World,1
approaches all the people [there]. (1) [1168]

In that unsurpassed merit-field
all were giving the Teacher [gifts],
clothing [or] a place to reside,2
[or] requisites [like] food and drink. (2) [1169]

“I too shall give an almsgiving
to the God of Gods, Neutral One,3
inviting [him], the Best Buddha
and the unrivaled Assembly. (3) [1170]

Incited by me, [others] too
did [then] invite the Thus-Gone-One
and the entire monks’ Assembly,
the unsurpassed field of merit. (4) [1171]

I set out an expensive seat
appropriate for the Buddha;
a couch [worth] one hundred thousand,
made of gold, with a woolen rug,
a mattress, ornate woolen sheets,
and with khoma and cotton [cloths]. (5) [1172]

Padumuttara, World-Knower,
the God of Gods, the Bull of Men,
encompassed by the Assembly,4
did come up to my doorway [then]. (6) [1173]

Going out to meet the Buddha,5
the World’s Protector, Renowned One,
with a pleased heart [and] happy mind
I spent time [with him] in my house. (7) [1174]

With a pleased heart [and] happy mind
I fed [all of them] with milk-rice:6
the Buddha, Leader of the World,
and a hundred thousand monks [there]. (8) [1175]

Padumuttara, World-Knower,
Sacrificial Recipient,
seated in the monks’ Assembly,
spoke these verses [about me then]: (9) [1176]

“I shall relate details of him
by whom this seat has been given,
made of gold, with a woolen rug;
[all of] you listen to my words: (10) [1177]

He will exercise divine rule
[full] seventy-four [different] times.
Anointed by celestial nymphs,
he will magically produce wealth. (11) [1178]

He will reside upon the earth
for a thousand regional reigns,
[and] fifty-one times he will be
a king who turns the wheel [of law]. (12) [1179]

In all the wombs in which he’s born
he’ll be in an exalted clan.
And he, after he has gone forth,
incited by [his] wholesome roots,
will be the Teacher’s follower;
his name will [then] be Bhaddiya.” (13) [[1180]

Binding [myself] to solitude,
I make a remote bed my home,
and all the fruits have been attained;
defilements7 are now rooted out. (14) [1181]

Knowing everything about me,
the Omniscient One, World-Leader,
seated in the monks’ Assembly
did place me in that foremost place. (15) [1182]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (16) [1183]

Thus indeed Venerable Bhaddiya Kaḷigodhāyaputta Thera spoke these verses.

The Legend of Bhaddiya Kaḷigodhāyaputta Thera is finished.

  1. sabbalokagganāyakaŋ

  2. reading vatthaṃ senasanaṃ c’eva with BJTS for PTS satthukañccha ‘baddhakañccha (“things for the teacher, unrestricted gifts,“ PTS). Senāsana literally means “bed-and-chair” (or “bed and eating”)

  3. or “king of kings”

  4. bhikkhusaṅghaparibbūḷho, lit., “by the monk’s assembly”

  5. lit. “the Sambuddha”

  6. see above, n. to v.[761].

  7. reading kleso (BJTS) for keso (“hair,” PTS).