[37. Lasuṇadāyaka1]

I was an ascetic back then
not far from the Himalayas.
I sustained myself on garlic;
garlic was [then] my [only] food. (1) [1091]

After filling [some] khāriyas2
I went to a monastery.
I gave the Assembly garlic,
happy, [and] with a happy heart. (2) [1092]

Giving the Assembly garlic,
intent on the dispensation
of Vipassi, the Top Person,
I [then] delighted in heaven. (3) [1093]

In the ninety-one aeons since
I gave [them] that garlic back then,
I’ve come to know no bad rebirth:
that’s the fruit of cloves of garlic. (4) [1094]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (5) [1095]

Thus indeed Venerable Lasuṇadāyaka Thera spoke these verses.

The legend of Lasuṇadāyaka Thera is finished.

  1. “Garlic-Giver”

  2. a type of container? Cty treats it as a container used by ascetics. Also a measure, = 16 dronas. Cf. above v. [198] and n.