[92. Succhintita1]

Happy, [and] with a happy heart,
I gave a [new] auspicious chair2
to Tissa the Lord of the World,
the Buddha, Kinsman of the Sun. (1) [1560]

Eight and thirty aeons ago
I was the king, Mahārucchi.
There were lots of riches [for me]
and many beds [to sit upon]. (2) [1561]

Having given Buddha a chair
with a mind that was very clear,
I experienced my own karma
well-done by myself formerly. (3) [1562]

In the ninety-two aeons since
I gifted [him] that chair back then,
I’ve come to know no bad rebirth:
that is the fruit of a chair-gift. (4) [1563]

Eight and thirty aeons ago
there were three wheel-turning monarchs:
Ruci and Uparuci too,
[and] Mahārucchi was the third. (5) [1564]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (6) [1565]

Thus indeed Venerable Succhintita Thera spoke these verses.

The legend of Succhintita Thera is finished

  1. “Well-Thought.” #66 and #425 {428} are also ascribed to (apparently different) monks of this name.

  2. reading suddhāpīṭham (BJTS, PTS alt.) for pubbe-pīṭham (“former [or eastern] chair,” PTS).