[33. Mahā-Kaccchchāna1]

Covering it over with gold,
I had a lion-throne fashioned
[at] the shrine known as “Paduma”
of the Lord Padumuttara. (1) [1033]

Taking an umbrella of gems
and a fan made out of ox-tail,
I placed them [there] for that Buddha,
the World’s Kinsman, the Neutral One. (2) [1034]

Throughout the earth the lesser gods
all gathered together [there] then.
“He’ll relate the karmic results
of umbrellas and seats2 of gems. (3) [1035]

We will listen to all [that’s said]
when the Teacher is speaking [thus].
We will produce great happiness
in the Buddha’s dispensation.3” (4) [1036]

Sitting down on the throne of gold,
the Self-Become One, Top Person,
encompassed by the Assembly4
[then] spoke these verses [about me]: (5) [1037]

“I shall relate details of him
who has given this throne [to me],
made of gold and [also of] gems;
[all of] you listen to my words: (6) [1038]

For thirty aeons, king of gods,
he will exercise divine rule.
A hundred leagues surrounding [him]
he will conquer with [his bright] light. (7) [1039]

Having come to the human world
he will be a wheel-turning king.
His name will be Pabhassara5
[and he will possess] great power. (8) [1040]

Like the risen hundred-rayed [sun],
whether it is day or it’s night,
that Kṣatriyan will shine forth [there]
eight cubits all around [himself]. (9) [1041]

In one hundred thousand aeons,
arising in Okkāka’s clan,
the one whose name is Gotama
will be the Teacher in the world. (10) [1042]

Falling from Tusitā heaven,
incited by [his] wholesome roots,
he’ll be [born as] Brahma’s kinsman;
his name [will then be] Kaccchchāna. (11) [1043]

After he renounces [the world,]
he’ll be an arahant, undefiled.
Gotama, the Lamp of the World
will place him in a foremost place. (12) [1044]

He’ll explicate in great detail
the problems that are posed in brief.
Explicating [thus] that problem
he will fulfill [all their] desires.” (13) [1045]

Being born in a wealthy clan,
a brahmin master of mantras,
giving up [my] wealth and grain I
[then] went forth into homelessness. (14) [1046]

I explicate in great detail
[the problems] posed only in brief.
Fulfilling all of their desires
I satisfy the Best Biped. (15) [1047]

Satisfied by me, the Hero,
the Self-Become One, Top Person,
seated in the monks’ Assembly
did place me in that foremost place. (16) [1048]

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
[I have] done what the Buddha taught! (17) [1049]

Thus indeed Venerable Mahākaccchchāna Thera spoke these verses.

The legend of Mahākaccchchāna Thera is finshed.

  1. “Great Golden One,” a historical monk, and famous follower of the Buddha’s. See DPPN II:468ff., also cf. #528 {531}, below, which is also ascribed to this monk.

  2. BJTS omits āsana (“seats”) from the compound, reading ratanāmayachattānaṃ, “of umbrellas made of gems”.

  3. sammāsambuddhasāsane, lit., “in the Supreme (or Great Perfected) Buddha’s dispensation”

  4. lit., “by the monks’ Assembly”

  5. “Pithy Light”